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Raising Cane's

Raising Cane’s offers five menu items plus drinks, so any new iterations or additions have to be executed really thoughtfully. Ensuring all menu items are fully embraced by customers is the key to maintaining their high quality standards. So it was a natural fit to put their customers first as they were considering how to add a new lemonade to their existing beverage lineup.


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Raising Cane’s partnered with Hot Take to understand their guests’ mindset and decision-making process when it comes to what quenches their thirst. We also measured the purchase intent of different concept names like “Light Lemonade” and “Diet Lemonade.” Over the course of one weekend, guests across five markets received inserts with their meal that had a QR code to take the survey, with a $5 Raising Cane’s gift card as an incentive.

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After netting over 200 responses, we found that customers surveyed preferred “Light” naming over “Diet” and that general health or weight management drove preference for this new lemonade. We also found that Raising Cane’s customers preferred natural sweeteners over artificial ones.

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The product team at Raising Cane’s used this information to move their new drink concept into full-scale product development. Meanwhile, the marketing team was able to begin developing new product communications, with confidence in their messaging strategy focused on natural ingredients and flavor cues to drive appeal. .

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I just appreciate the Hot Take team’s eye for detail and the whole team is so excited about using this methodology. [...] We really want to embrace this type of approach for a lot more.

Cheri Beasley, Senior Manager, Marketing Research at Raising Cane’s