Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Take is in the business of answers.

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Hot Take is a food-focused research platform that connects businesses to their customers. We’re not a quantitative research agency, mystery reviewers, or secret shoppers. We’re food entrepreneurs deeply familiar with the industry.

We’re a group of experienced researchers, engineers, strategists, and food industry veterans that understands the cycles of innovation, validation, and benchmarking that this industry demands. We know what you and your food are going through.

We work with anyone in food who wants to tap into customer insights to solve business problems, from restaurants to consumer-packaged goods, from small businesses to large chains.

We help find answers around menu, product, and customer, at any stage in your innovation cycle. Whether you’re in early-stage exploration and want to define a new customer segment, or you’re looking to validate a product already in-market, our studies can offer perspective on a variety of territories.

Hot Take is like a two-in-one special. Our platform is built by researchers who are intentional about getting the most insightful and reliable data, and backed by industry experience to help you turn those insights into tangible next steps.

We keep it pretty simple. First, you’ll create an account through our Portal. Then you’ll complete a project request, where you tell us what you want to know and from whom. Then, we develop a survey and recruitment approach, and work with you to make it just right. When it’s ready, your Hot Take study goes out into the world, while you sit back and watch the results pour in. Once we all feel confident in the number and quality of responses, we shut ‘er down, and you have the option to take your results as-is or tap into our pros to help interpret the data and make a sharable report for your team.

Our platform is tailored to your needs and designed for the scale and scope of your query. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need to be.

None or a lot! We work with a broad range of partners, from small businesses who might need more guidance to large companies with dedicated insights teams who need an outside perspective.

We find the right people for your study, either through our on-demand panel, customized recruitment, or even your current customers.

We use a tiered approach to ensure the price of our studies is fair and transparent, so your price will depend on the specific needs of your study. We do rapid price quoting before you launch so you can be sure you’re getting what you need. But no matter what, you definitely won’t be paying per response, and you don’t need to commit to a subscription service.

Our platform and team are purposely built to be agile, so we can get a study up and running within days of your request coming in. The actual study length depends on the accessibility of your audience and your study objectives, but we’re happy to discuss your needs to figure out what to prioritize if you’re in a time crunch.

Visit the Hot Take Portal to set up your account, then expect a quote from us within 24 hours. If you want to start a conversation first, get in touch via our email.

We have plenty more answers. Let us know how we can help at, or at our Contact Us page.